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I'm Mae, I love lots of things....food, sleep, music, writing, all things korean, anime, jrock, and 2PM....but mostly, I love my family and friends
IAM a HOTTEST~ BBC, Jay Walker (though I'll never admit it out loud), VIP~ But I love other forms of music too. there's few things I find more comforting than a good book, a warm fire and the sound of soft jazz. I enjoy hot cocoa WAY too much. I have an affinity for writing. and I love people who can be themselves while letting other people do the same. peace and love...much much love <3
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I’d probably have the same reaction.
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lol? the eff is this? LOLLL

LMFAOOO at Woo’s pitying look omg
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from gmlrud4109@blog.naver

i wish i knew how to draw. these are so kyooot. :333

So adorable omg ♥♥♥ /dead now

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