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I'm Mae, I love lots of things....food, sleep, music, writing, all things korean, anime, jrock, and 2PM....but mostly, I love my family and friends
IAM a HOTTEST~ BBC, Jay Walker (though I'll never admit it out loud), VIP~ But I love other forms of music too. there's few things I find more comforting than a good book, a warm fire and the sound of soft jazz. I enjoy hot cocoa WAY too much. I have an affinity for writing. and I love people who can be themselves while letting other people do the same. peace and love...much much loveI
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Deflate when writing prose; inflate when writing essays for school.

Procrastinating on finding ways to add one page to my essay to get the page requirement! Thank you so much.

Thanks man

I’m not in school anymore, but here.
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